Waiting List

We currently have a waiting list for all three sections.

Places in the Group are allocated as follows:

  1. Children of 1st Weald Brook Leaders and Executive Committee members
  2. Siblings of children already in the Group (but see below)
  3. Transfers from Scout Groups outside the Brentwood Area
  4. Order of entry onto the waiting list (but see below)

Regarding siblings, priority places will normally only be offered in the section that the older child(ren) first started in. This is to avoid the situation where we are able to offer a place in the Cub/Scout sections to fill a casual vacancy which, without this restriction, would mean a younger sibling getting priority in the Beaver/Cub sections ahead of others who may have been on the list for considerably longer.

No offer of a place will be made to any young person unless we will be able to offer them a place in subsequent sections thereby enabling them to stay in the Group until the age of 14. We also aim to maximise the number of young people that we offer a place to. This means that we may not be able to offer a place based on strict order of entry onto the waiting list.

The only way to reduce our waiting lists is to open new sections - but to do that we need more leaders! Could you be one of them?

Most of our current leaders started out as "ordinary parents" who found out just how rewarding being a leader is.

There is plenty of help, support and training available to you and we fully understand that you may not be able to commit to being available *every* week.

Family and work ALWAYS come before Scouting. Having said that, many employers are very supportive of Scouting and you may even find that they have volunteering policies that will make your life as a leader just a little easier!