Moving Up

We know that moving up to the next section can feel a bit scary. To help with the transition, Beavers/Cubs will be invited to “link” with their new section. Linking simply means that they attend both their “current” and their “new” section for 3 or 4 weeks. Experience tells us that young people who are able to “link” find the transition a lot easier.

Traditionally members “link” at the end of one school term and start in their new section at the start of the new school term.

However, we have come to realise that this may not be the best way of doing things.

The end of the summer and autumn terms are usually jam packed with school plays/concerts/trips/etc. and it is very difficult, if not impossible, to add another “extra” activity (ie linking) into the time available. For some children the prospect of a new year group can also seem daunting and the prospect of change in their social lives adds to their (temporary) sense of insecurity.

It is also fair to say that the activities in the “new” sections towards the end of these two terms are not always the best for prospective new members to join in with.

So…… we have decided that from 2017 moving up from Beavers to Cubs or Cubs to Scouts will happen at half term not at the start of term. “Linking” will take place in the first half of the term, and our young people will move up permanently after the half term holiday.

Section leaders will let parents know when the time comes for their child to start the linking process.