Diary Dates

July 13th/14th Cubs Sleep under the Stars
Sept 21st/23rd Cubs Target Camp
October 13th Beavers District Camp Fire
October 20th Cubs JOTI
November 9th Cubs Night Hike
November 11th ALL Remembrance Day
ALL Cubs and Scouts expected to be present
at the Civic Act of Remembrance
Beavers invited to St Peter's Church

Dec 8th Cubs Activity Day & Christmas Camp Fire
Jan 11th/13th Scouts Pedal Kart Olympics
Feb 1st/2nd Cubs Sleepover at the hut
March 17th (prov) Cubs Afternoon Hike
April 26th/28th Cubs Camp at Thriftwood
May 11th Cubs Docklands Water Activity Day
June 2nd All and families The Group's 20th birthday celebration
June 21st/23rd (prov) Cubs Camp - location TBA
July 12th/13th (prov) Cubs Sleep under the Stars