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Cub Scouts are our second section, with a core age of 8-10.5 years.

For Cubs, fun, excitement, adventure and challenge are key. They learn practical skills whilst having adventures with their friends.

A meeting at Cubs can mean anything from a crazy game, team building activity, lighting fires, meeting members of our local community or trying a new sport or activity.

We aim to be outside for at least 50% of our meetings and particularly in the summer term will take full advantage of the fantastic facilities available to us at Thriftwood Camp Site, Weald County Park and Thorndon Country Park.

Camps, sleepovers, hikes and visits are a central part of our programme and we aim to offer at least 10 “extra” activities a year with the opportunity for Cubs to spend at least 8 “Nights Away”.

Above everything else, Cub Scouting is all about enjoying and challenging yourself and having fun with your friends whatever you're doing – and there'll always be plenty to do!

Our programme is based around the 7 Challenge Badges that Cub Scouts can gain by attending the weekly meetings and the regular weekend activities that we offer:

Cub Scouts who achieve all the Challenge Badges, along with 6 activity or staged activity badges, will receive the highest award – the Chief Scout’s Silver Award.

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Here you can find all the details for the activity badges and staged activity badges.

Resources for the chef badge are here

Grey Brother's video showing the Cub Scout Promise in Makaton.