Attendance Policy

Members who do not attend regularly loose out personally by not having the opportunity to compete their badge work, their attendance patterns have a detrimental effect on the rest of their Lodge/Six/Patrol and it creates problems for the leaders in planning and organising activities. They are also depriving another child of a place in the Group.

For these reasons, any member who misses three consecutive weeks without valid reason (principally illness) will immediately forfeit their place in the Group. Further, any member who misses 6 or more weeks in the term, again without a valid reason, will be asked to leave the Group at the end of the term.

Members arriving late for meetings on a regular basis because of other activities ending close to meeting start time is very disruptive to the rest of the section and so, where it is not possible for members to be on time for meeting nights, a choice will have to be made. We will assist any member affected by this clash of activities to find a place in another Group.