Our regular Sunday service is at 10:00am and each service lasts about an hour. We are an open Church and all are welcome to join us.

On the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month we meet at Eagle Hall, The Drive, Brentwood where we can enjoy singing and praying together followed by a chance to have a chat over a tea or coffee. The location is fully accessible and has access to parking nearby. Once a month our service will include the Lord's Supper.

The rest of our services are held on Zoom - it is free to download the app on your computer, tablet or smart phone. All you need to do is start the app, select the option to join a meeting and enter the meeting details.

We really enjoy our services on Zoom because we can interact with each other, members can lead the prayers or read the bible scriptures, we can share pictures and also sing along in the privacy of our own homes - great if your voice is not the best!

Covid changed the way we worship and enabled many people who could not attend a face to face service to join in the worship - numbers on Zoom were greater than had been able to join us in the building before Covid. But virtual worship is not enough and so we now meet face to face twice a month.

Zoom details are:

Meeting ID: 830 4933 6667

Passcode: 1878

The preachers are principally Ministers and Local Preachers from the Romford Circuit, of which we are members, and this leads to variety in the format and style of worship.

Remembrance Sunday

December Grapevine available