Recent history

After nearly 150 years on the site in Warley Hill the whole Church had a series of discussions as to whether maintaining a building was achievable with the current membership or whether alternatives should be considered.

The fellowship used to be based on Warley Hill in Brentwood on a site that it acquired on 6th May 1878. Over the years a number of buildings existed on the site as the needs of the Church changed.

Many people associate the Church with a building and for many the building we used to own and worship at has many memories. But the building is not the Church and when the building and its maintenance begins to dominate the life then it is time to review.

The review confirmed that the Church is much more than a building, it is the people and, in fact, the building is not essential for worship, faith and growth.

Many of the pictures you will find in our archives relate to our time meeting in Warley Hill with events stretching back about 20 years. It is a time we look back on with great joy. We also see our friends who are now in glory and that is a mixture of sadness that they are no longer with us and happiness that they are with their Lord.

Remembrance Sunday

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