Privacy and GDPR

As a Church we respect everyone's rights and this includes being careful with personal information. Our privacy policy below is in response to the GDPR regulations.

Brentwood Methodist Church Privacy Policy – March 2020

Brentwood Methodist Church respects the privacy of its members and those who worship or attend meetings.

The Church will only collect Personal Data (as defined in GDPR) where it is for a legitimate purpose:

a) Necessary for the operation of the Church and its fellowship,

b) Required to comply with legislation, or

c) Required to comply with Methodist Standing Orders and CPD.

All Personal Data will be kept securely.

Personal Data will only be shared where required by one of the reasons for holding the data.

Photographs may be taken during worship and other events for the purposes of publicity and the web site. Such photos will not be labelled or tagged which would enable individuals to be identified and they will not be stored as part of a filing system.

Members and others involved in Church life may ask to see Personal Data stored and request errors to be corrected.

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