Welcome to our Methodist Fellowship.

We enjoy what is often known as Blended Worship with some of our services at Eagle Hall (the home of 1st Warley Scout Group) and other services on line using Zoom. The combination gives us a great opportunity to meet together, explore different forms of worship whilst also allowing those less mobile to join in fully when we are on-line.

Everyone is welcome to join us for our services - all the details are on the services page. Go to Our Worship tab and select Services.

Our Methodist worship is led by a range of preachers and members of the fellowship. We are please to welcome Ministers and Local Preachers from the Romford Methodist Circuit (of which we are a part) amd we also have a number of Worship Leaders within our congregation. This leads to a wide variety of forms of worship, not just the traditional 5 hymn sandwich, and we are always exploring new ways of getting closer to our creating and saving God.

Worship at Eagle Hall

Remembrance Sunday

December Grapevine available