Who are we?

We are a group of Christians who share a common set of beliefs and attitudes. Whilst many of us have not been life long Methodists we find the approaches to many social and moral issues of the Church to align with our views.

Over the years we have grown in fellowship and our faith is the key to many friendships. We welcome everyone and our membership includes members from a number of ethnic backgrounds and different countries.

Our worship

All churches have their own styles of worship which evolve over time. For some it follows a liturgy or more consistent format whereas in most Methodist Churches the format is flexible with an emphasis on prayer, worship, study. The sacrament of the Holy Communion is an important element of our fellowship's worship.

We like our services to be reasonably informal and for members of the congregation to be involved in the worship, particularly the younger children.

If you arrive for a typical service, be that on Zoom or face to face, it will include a number of hymns which vary from traditional to modern, there will be times of prayer, readings from the Bible and a sermon/talk. You will find some examples on this website (although we do not include the musical elements for copyright reasons).

A recent service led by our Worship Leaders comprised of an Introduction, Singing the Faith 715 - The right hand of God, a short talk about growing vegatables on an allotment, prayers of adoration and confession, a reading from Psalm 92, StF 84 - Praise the Lord, his glories show, a reading from Ezekiel, a talk on pruning, prayers of intercession, STF 553 - I am a new creation, a reading from Mark, a talk about growing and STF 418 - We have a gospel to proclaim.

We hope you will feel able to meet with us for a time of Worship and Fellowship.

Remembrance Sunday

December Grapevine available