Brentwood Methodist Church is part of the worldwide Methodist Connexion and we support the key tenets of the denomination’s beliefs and doctrine (see for more details). One of the joys of the church founded by John Wesley is that we can each individually emphasise and apply those core elements of our faith.

We respect the beliefs and practices of other Christian denominations and those who hold other world faiths. We acknowledge that it possible to see and honour God in many ways.

The following summarises some of our key beliefs and describes how we apply them to Church and our personal lives. We respect the views of our members who choose, personally, to apply the teaching of the Bible more rigorously or differently to the core beliefs below - we are an inclusive Church. We hope you find the following informative and you will be most welcome to join our worship each Sunday so that, together, we can explore our belief in God.

What we believe about God

We believe there is only one God and that he caused the world to be formed. Whilst we tend to say ‘he’, God is so much more than male or female that no pronoun is truly appropriate. To help our understanding of God, we have different views of him to describe what, for most of us, is incomprehensible as a whole. But that description of God is not the complete story - in fact words and human imagination cannot grasp the enormity of the presence of God - the only thing one ca say is - "HE IS!"

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What is Heaven

Like many people, we find the concept of life after death difficult to comprehend and we all have our own ways of picturing heaven. What we share is the belief that although our earthly body may die, the life within us (our spirit, emotions, mind or however you wish to describe it) can continue in a different way. We believe that for all of us this new existence will be in closer unity with the God we believe in.

We believe that no-one is beyond God's love and care and whatever someone's past life, they have the opportunity to receive God's gift of a place in Heaven.

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Sin and Forgiveness

We know that everyone makes mistakes and does things which are wrong, some things are small, others are large, but we believe that forgiveness is possible and we see the route to the bad things being wiped out as being in four stages.

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Who can be a Christian?

We know that God is available to every man, woman and child in the world and that he cares for them whether they know or believe in him. We believe that every child, from the moment of birth, is able to go to heaven and do not believe that only those who are christened or baptised are safe.

Becoming a Christian is not a test nor a public affair, it is the realisation that you believe in God, trust him to guide you and that you will try to follow the teaching of the Bible.

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Who can become a Methodist?

Whilst we recognise that being a Christian is a personal decision, we believe that to be a member of the worldwide Methodist Church that faith should be professed. We happily accept, on transfer, members of any other Christian Church who can accept the key beliefs of Methodism.

For new members we offer an opportunity to develop your faith before confirming your beliefs in front of the family of the Church in a service of confirmation and reception.

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Who can lead worship?

We require anyone wanting to lead worship to be trained and to demonstrate their calling. Before anyone starts their training they must explain why they feel it is God’s will and get the support of the local Church and Circuit (the group of local Methodist Churches). Those who we invite to lead our worship include:- Whilst worship is the responsibility of the appointed preacher, we positively encourage others to take part by reading lessons, leading prayers and providing music.

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Who can take communion?

God, in the form of Jesus, encouraged all who believe in him to share in the sacrament of communion. We invite all who have a personal faith in him to join with us and share the bread and (non-alcoholic) wine.

We cannot judge who’s faith is adequate for them to be considered Christian and so we leave it to personal conscience who takes part. For children it is up to them and their parents to decide when they are ready. Whether young or old, those who feel unable to share the bread and wine, are welcome to join with others around the table and receive blessing.

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Alcohol and Gambling

There is no doubt that alcohol in excess damages health and causes social problems. Methodists do not allow the consumption of alcohol on Church premises and some believe that for them, personally, abstinence is the correct way of life. For those who wish to consume alcohol, the Church’s teaching is that moderate and responsible drinking is permitted but that excesses must be avoided.

For many Methodists the idea of winning prizes in games of chance or where skill plays little or no part is wrong. As a local Church we do not allow games of chance except where the prime reason is to raise money for good causes and the prize is not large and not the reason for taking part. This also applies to organisations using our premises and we treat each occasion on an individual basis, and part of the consideration is that no person must feel forced or obliged to take part.

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We hope you have found this information interesting and would like to join us for worship, you will be assured of a warm welcome at our Church on Warley Hill each Sunday.

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